Know The Material

That Is Used In Making The Sex Doll

Materials Used

The popular materials that are used to make sex dolls at are silicone and TPE. Earlier the manufacturers used to use plush, latex, fabric and vinyl. But these could not give the sex dolls a realistic look.

The manufacturers then started using silicone to make sex dolls. At the same time, Chinese sex doll manufacturers started to use TPE and this turned out to be a good alternative to the silicone sex toys. And this was also much cheaper.

Coomonly used materials

You can read more about the two materials that are commonly used in making sex toys. This will let you decide on what you want in your doll. The option is yours.

  • Thermoplastic elastomer

    The material is made by mixing the thermoplastic or plastic and elastomer or rubber. The nature of the material makes the product flexible and also absorbent to shock. It is also firm and soft and slip-resistant.

    TPE finds it use commonly in cosmetic cases, shoe soles, grips and cushions. It is also recyclable and affordable. However, there are some pros and cons of using TPE in sex dolls.

    Pros of using TPE in sex dolls
    • It is a good value product
    • It is cheaper than silicone
    • The output is a realist and also likable
    • The product can be squeezed easily
    • The material helps to retain warmth
    • It is hypo allergic
    • The material is odorless
    • It is compatible with the silicone and water-based lubricants
    Cons of using TPE sex dolls
    • The material is porous. It has holes that can trap the fluid in it
    • The material cannot be sterilized
    • The blend decides the quality of the product
    • Some techniques are not very refined
  • Silicon

    Silicon is a man-made polymer material and is like rubber. It is resistant to heat. Silicon is used in medicine, glue, lubricants and cooking utensils. The material comes in various forms but silicone rubber is used to make sex toys.

    The properties of silicone make it very useful and this is the reason why they are used in remote controls, undergarments, implants, and sportswear. The drawback of this material is its high price

    Pros of using silicone material in your sex toy
    • Gives a very realistic appearance
    • The texture is realistic and soft
    • The materials tested and tried
    • The material retains warmth
    • Silicone is non-porous
    • It is hypoallergenic
    Cons of using silicone material in your sex toy
    • The material is expensive
    • Silicone is hard and rigid
    • It is less durable